A few weeks ago you may have heard about the Miss Universe pagent. It was all over the news.

I personally think the thing is rigged. I mean, of all the years I have watched it, the winner has always been from earth!

But we are not going to get into politics here....

If you watched it... then you may have seen one of the biggest LIVE blunders since Roseanne singing the National Anthem...

If you haven't seen it yet...


The host, Comedian Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner.

I'm not talking about a mere word stumble like "your winner is Miss Colombia... err... umm... Philippines"

No... that would have been stomachable.

He actually announced it, confetti dropped, tears shed, flowers given and crown place on top of the poor lady's head and acceptance speach mentally prepared.

The whole 9...

To then later realize his mistake... and have to come and take the crown off of her head and put it on the correct winner.

It is hard to watch... for me anyway...

(You can watch it here if you are so bold)

Later he claims that it was not his fault.

First reports say that he was just reading the teleprompter. Was kind of on autopilot just reading without any thought. Even though what he had on his card (from one source) was the correct winner that anyone would have caught if they were paying attention.


If that is the case I cannot be too upset. I have been "zoned out" many times before.

Maybe you can relate...

Ever been driving home... maybe you have a ton on your mind or maybe Led Zeplin is just rockin you right today... Then you look up and you are in front of your house... and you don't even remember how you go there?

Just going through the motions?

In everyday mundane situation it can be harmless...

But how about the important stuff?



Love life (whether that includes another mate or your Netflix collection and your favorite body pillow... I'm not judging)

The point is... maybe we need to wake up. Pay attention. Be present to what is going on right in front of us so we can fully live, love, learn and enjoy.

What is right in front of you that you may be "zoning" out?

Pay attention.... Go get it

P. James "you are getting sleeeeeeeeepy" Holland
Coach Comeback

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The Steve Harvey Miss Universe Fail

Comedianne (because she is a woman... mostly) Jane Lynch Spoofs it. Pretty Funny

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